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Welcome to Privacy International's public engagement platform.

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We want you to be able to receive emails and updates about our work. By selecting areas of interest, we will send you emails of direct relevance.

You will also be able to join relevant campaigns, such as sending messages to offending companies and governments to demand they protect your privacy.

How we protect your privacy

We want to protect your privacy, your data, while being transparent about how we process your data. We also aim to provide you with meaningful control over your data. You are able to change your settings in the future without asking PI to make changes on your behalf.  Finally you are able to stop us from contacting you at any time and can delete your profile.

We believe your consent is time-limited and shouldn't be taken for granted. Every two years we will ask you again if you still want to be contacted by us. If you don't respond affirmatively we will delete your data.

How we protect your data

We work hard to protect your data by selecting and setting up our services with care, maintaining them and applying security patches. We limit the data we collect to what is necessary. For our mailings, we limit the data that you are required to share to just an email address. For our campaigns, we may require additional data, and this data may be shared publicly and with the campaign targets.

Our full data policy can be found here, a summary can be found here.



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